Meet The A-Team

Lindsay Shahim


Lindsay is the founder and director of the NuAngle Group. Lindsay graduated as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Psychiatry and Community Health in 1990. She went on to work in the USA and UK. When she returned to South Africa she moved into sales where she worked in the Urology sector and would, in 1997, become a Product Manager.

Due to their distributor liquidating in 1999 and Lindsay’s passion for and belief in their products, then company Porges appointed Lindsay as their new distributor for South Africa and on the 1st of December 1999, NuAngle’s Urology Division was born. Later Porges would be bought by Coloplast and the trust relationship would continue.

Lindsay would later expand the business into the Aesthetics, Pelvic Health Surgery, and Wound Care. Lindsay remains hands-on in all divisions of the company, engaging with the management, sales and support teams. Her passion for NuAngle and her commitment to NuAngle’s Product Partners drives the business, but her supportive and engaging nature keeps her team motivated.

“As a nurse, I was passionate about improving the lives of patients. I was passionate about innovation and scientific progress. Time has passed, but my passion has not subsided. This is WHY I do what I do, this is why I am as invested in NuAngle as I was when it first opened the doors.”

FUN FACT: Lindsay is not only a hands-on both at home with her 3 kids and at work with the 5 divisions, seeming to juggle all things with little effort and expert skill.

Clinton Shahim


Clinton is a director of the NuAngle Group and was instrumental in supporting and launching the business in 199​9. Clinton graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a B​achelor of Arts and went on to complete an ​LLB, Batchelor of Law degree from the same university. He entered legal practice as an attorney at Deneys Reitz.

He then continued his education by adding a Higher Diploma in Tax Law from Wits in 1995. Clinton worked at the law firm before his entrepreneurial spirit saw him making a change to that of business owner. Clinton is a founder, director and shareholder in a number of companies.

His eye for detail, his innovative nature and his drive keep NuAngle moving forward. Clinton continues to bring fresh ideas to the business, driving improvement and challenging the Company to reach new heights. He is respected and revered.

“I am not afraid to work hard, and I am not afraid of a calculated risk. I truly believe that NuAngle is doing well because as owners are invested in great people who are committed to the business and constantly drive its growth and success. There are always new heights to be achieved.”

FUN FACT: Clinton is an avid mountain biker, audiophile and wing shooter, enjoys being active and loves the great outdoors.

Petrus Segodi


Petrus managed a fuel station and its employees before joining NuAngle in 2009. He worked as one of the warehouse staff and as a driver before being promoted to Warehouse Supervisor. He is an energetic and ambitious employee who has developed a mature and responsible approach to the tasks he undertakes or the situations he is presented with.

Petrus is a great team player who goes the extra mile to meet deadlines and his contributions to the company show his commitment to making NuAngle successful and ensuring that our reputation for excellence in service delivery is upheld.

“NuAngle is a good, stable company. The working environment is great and I have some really wonderful colleagues. There is always a new challenge and I continue to learn new things daily.”

Johanna Leseka


Johanna comes from humble beginnings, moving from Polokwane to Johannesburg in 1994. She worked several cashier positions as well as being an accounts clerk before joining NuAngle in March 2008. Johanna started as a receptionist but was quickly promoted to customer service agent when her dedication and people skills were recognised.

In 2010 she moved from the aesthetics division to the urology division where she has applied her clear and logical mind to practical problem-solving. She has always been an eager learner and is ready to take on challenges and, in recognition of this potential, NuAngle promoted her to team leader for invoicing for the medical divisions.

“I love the team that I work with and also what I do on a daily basis.”

Louise Cornish


Louise is Team Leader for Consignment within the customer service department. Before NuAngle, Louise worked in the Police Force in South Africa and in the United Kingdom as a Police Officer. She then moved into private security.

Louise made the decision to completely change her career path and in 2014 she joined NuAngle and started her career in the medical field. Louise in instrumental in providing support to the sales teams and processing stock sheets and liaising with NuAngle customers. She is known for being thorough, providing top customer service and ensuring that the sales team are at the top of their game.

"I love working at NuAngle because of the happy environment, good people and I love my job"

Dawn Youell


Dawn is the logistics manager for the NuAngle Group, but because she has been with the company as long as she has and filled as many roles as she has, she remains central to a number of other functions with the company and is known for her excellent problem-solving abilities.

Dawn studied travel and tourism after school and went on to work in a number of sales and administrative roles accumulating varied experience before joining NuAngle in 2002.

At NuAngle she has worked in various roles within the organisation until becoming the Logistic Manager.

“I love working here - having been here for 16 years, I have grown as a person as the company has grown and everyone feels like family, not colleagues.”

FUN FACT: Petrus loves brand names and is very well dressed. He prides himself in representing his best self.
FUN FACT: Johanna is loved for her nurturing leadership – must be why she wanted to be a teacher when she was younger.
FUN FACT: Louise has green fingers and spends most of her weekends in the garden.
FUN FACT: The Office Team uses the catch-phrase "Just Dawn It" when they need information, assistance or insights from Dawn – as she seems to just know how to do everything and help everyone. She’s wonder woman!

Kevin Reed


Kevin is the finance manager for all the companies which fall under the NuAngle umbrella. Kevin went to the University of Johannesburg and the University of South Africa for his undergraduate studies. He went on to be an article clerk for a small auditing firm in 2006. In 2010, Kevin joined NuAngle as the Finance Manager.

He now oversees the finances of all companies within the NuAngle group. He ensures the financial health of all the companies and works with the NuAngle team, NuAngle’s customers and NuAngle’s suppliers and product partners.

“I love that NuAngle is a family environment. They genuinely care about their employees. It honestly doesn’t feel like work.”

Noni Theodoridou


Noni has an undergraduate degree in BSc Hons in Biological Sciences and over 12 years of experience within the medical device industry on a global level. This experience encompasses product development, international business unit coordination, market expansion, and business development through strategic international and local partnerships. Noni furthered her skill set with an MBA from GIBS, the University of Pretoria which allowed her to better understand in-depth the business side of the medical industry.

She is committed to the development of the South African medical devices sector which was reflected in her MBA dissertation on understanding and expanding on opportunities and challenges in the manufacturing field within the medical industry.

"I am a new edition to the NuAngle family, but they have already made me feel so welcome."

Vicky Pretorius


Vicky started with NuAngle in 2007 within the customer service division and was promoted to Customer Services Manager within 18 months. Due to her excellent project management and people skills, in 2009, she became the personal assistant to the company director.

Since then she has grown with the company and her role has expanded into her current position of Office and Human Resource Manager. With the diversity of her different roles and responsibilities, she continues to find enjoyment in what she has and continues to accomplish at NuAngle.

"I am proud to be part of NuAngle, a company that not only values their employees but also their customers and product partners."

Caroline Scott


Caroline is the Marketing Manager for NuAngle and ensures that all marketing efforts are effective and compliant. She started her interest in marketing while completing her honours degree in Drama where she coordinated and marketed the student art festival.

This interest led her other marketing positions until she joined NuAngle in 2013 as a travel and events coordinator. Within 6 months she took a position as Marketing Coordinator in the Aesthetics division and grew her skill sets until she became Marketing Manager for the division in 2016.

In 2018, Caroline was promoted to Group Marketing Manager and now uses her experience and knowledge across all divisions of NuAngle.

“NuAngle has given me so many opportunities to grow, to excel and to be challenged. They have invested in me as their employee and have made me feel like a valuable member of the company.”

FUN FACT: For a guy in finance, Kevin is actually funny – no really, it’s no joke.
FUN FACT: Noni love food - healthy food, junk food, fast-food, fine dining, all of it. Don’t tell anyone but if you ever feel like a snack, check out her top drawer.
FUN FACT: She's not only a great employee - she rock's at being a wife and balancing two kids in the mix.
FUN FACT: Caroline is writing a be careful what you say around her, you might end up in her book.

Anthony Cumerledge


24. Anthony is the Quality Manager for the NuAngle Group ensuring efficiency and compliance. Anthony, or Tony as he prefers, has a pharmaceutical background in both local and multinational manufacturing environments.

He also has experience in medical device distribution and has worked in various fields of Quality Assurance for more than fifteen years. He has previously successfully maintained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications with SABS and TUV as certification bodies.

Anthony joined NuAngle in 2019 to head up the quality team and ensure that NuAngle is able to offer compliance, quality products backed by efficient systems and procedures.

“I am very excited to be a part of NuAngle and to contribute all my knowledge to the medical device manufacturing and distribution arena.”

Neville Van DUETEKOM


Neville is the IT Manager at NuAngle. He received a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Wits before completing a BA in Social Science from UNISA. He spent 20 years working in the global telecoms industry where is gain valuable experience and was exposed to various international data centres. Neville joined NuAngle in 2014 within the IT division and was promoted to IT manager at the start of 2015.

Since joining the company, Neville has brought operational IT and software design experience to NuAngle and has introduced new reporting applications, business intelligence models and additional internal IT infrastructure. Neville continues to look towards technological developments and improvements in order to meet the challenging and changing needs of NuAngle.

"I enjoy being part of NuAngle and have been witness to its phenomenal growth in the last few years. This makes what I do here exciting and creative."

Elize Van Aardt


Elize is the National Manager for both the Pelvic Health Division. She qualified as a Registered Nurse and Midwife in 1983 and in 2000 completed a qualification in management.

She has always loved the surgical theatre and since 2000 has been the surgical theatre manager at several different hospitals.

In 2012, Elize was recruited by NuAngle to head up the newly established Pelvic Health division. Due to her methodical and critical eye, Elize was also asked to be the management representative for the Quality Management System assisted in the development of Xpella working closely with the team to get the device CE rated.

Elize has a nurturing management style, growing her team and her division.

“I love working here because I love feeling challenged and engaged. The challenges never stop, but neither does the teams effort.”

Jackie Barbarovich


Jackie is the National Manager for NuAngle’s Aesthetic Division. Jackie qualified as an Aesthetician in 1997 and has had a passion for skin ever since.

Due to her experience and her drive, Jackie was instrumental in the launch of all the aesthetic division's brands into the South African market.

Her unbridled passion for creating healthy skin and her natural mentorship skills has led NuAngle to partner with leading training institutes to uplift the industry and give both theoretical and practical insights into skin care ingredients, optimum barrier function and practise management.

Jackie sets high standards within the company and her team with her drive and creativity.

“I relish the challenges and opportunities afforded to me by working at NuAngle, it is a privilege to work with such an engaging company and dynamic team”

FUN FACT: Tony likes to stay healthy and enjoys running as a hobby.
FUN FACT: Neville has been known to indulge in a few hobbies such as Astronomy and playing the guitar.
FUN FACT: Elize loves that employees call her ‘Tannie’ and ‘Moomee’ because of her caring demeanour and encouraging management style.
FUN FACT: Jackie loves DIY. If her husband stands still long enough, she may just paint him.

Craig McLuckie


Craig has over 20 years’ experience in the medical industry. He started at a large pharmaceutical company and very quickly moved into management promoting products in the anti-infective, urology, cardiology and CNS portfolios.

Thereafter, Craig moved into surgical sales as a sales manager in their Advanced Wound Care team. After a brief sojourn into nephrology and solid organ transplants, Craig joined Allergan in managing their breast implant portfolio. Allergan then partnered with Genop Healthcare to take over the implant distribution and the team moved over to their new distributor home. This proved to be a blessing as it allowed greater autonomy to build a plastic surgery franchise offering a range of products to plastic surgeons.

After almost 8 years doing breast implants, Craig joined the NuAngle Surgical team in 2019 heading up their surgery and wound care division.

“It is a privilege to be part of such an innovative and driven culture at NuAngle. We are constantly looking at ways of improving and doing things differently to really make an impact.”

Lorna Agnew


Lorna, Field Support Manager for the Urology division, completed a 4-year qualification in nursing and went on to gain 10 years of experience in surgical theatre.

Lorna joined NuAngle in 1990, relocating from Port Elizabeth to Gauteng. Lorna started as a sales representative, actively positioning the brand and its products as well as establishing and cultivating professional relationships with industry experts and health care professionals.

In 2012, Lorna was promoted to National Manager for the division to used her expertise and experience to guide the business forward.

In 2019, Lorna's focus shifted and she moved into the role of Field Support Manager, where she can work alongside the field team to develop relationships and build strategies.

“I have a passion for people, and for the Coloplast brand and products. I also have a belief in NuAngle, who strives to provide quality products and sales service.”

Sonja Steyn


Sonja is the Gauteng Regional Manager for the Urology Division.

Sonja completed her training as a registered nurse through 1 Military hospital in 1990, after which she continued working there. Upon leaving 1 Military, she worked in the ICU team and became community health care and primary healthcare at two different city councils.

Sonja then entered the private sector where she fell in love with theatre. She joined NuAngle in 2010 and took home the coveted Rookie award at the end of the year. Working hard to reach her goals and support her customers Sonja was promoted to Regional Manager. Sonja has been hands-on with the team, ensuring that they pull through strategies, dedicate time to training and have her same unending passion and enthusiasm for product and support excellence.

"I am extremely proud to be part of the NuAngle team. I have built incredible relationships within the company and with our customers. I remain as passionate about the company and the brands as the day I first started.”

Riaan De Bruin


Riaan is the Regional Sales Manager for Surgical Division in Gauteng. Riaan started at NuAngle in 2018 as a Sales Specialist in the Surgical division. Riaan’s passion for the medical industry and has vast national as well as international experience in this field made him an instant asset to the company. Client service and patient satisfaction are his priorities aligning him to NuAngle and their core values.

Riaan takes pride in providing the best client experience possible and goes above and beyond to ensure that his customers are treated with dignity, respect and excellent after sales service. Due to all this, Riaan was promoted to Regional Sales Manager within months of joining and he continues to excel in this position.

“I am very proud to be part of the NuAngle family and take great pleasure in doing what I love; making a difference. NuAngle employees treat each other with respect and we work together as a team to make a positive difference in each and every patient’s life.”

FUN FACT: Craig enjoys fine French cuisine such as French fries and French toast. He is currently campaigning to have his hometown of Benoni declared a separate state.’
FUN FACT: Moving from the coast, Lorna has learned to love the bush and spends most of her free time on the farm.
FUN FACT: Sonja is fearless, she belonged to SADF parachute club and has bungee and bridge jumped.
FUN FACT: Although he loves the outdoors, he is petrified of spiders regardless of the size.